Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google?  That’s why you’re selling your business short if you don’t have a YouTube channel that you are regularly uploading content to.  My simple YouTube SEO tips will help you get more views and hopefully more traffic to your online business website.

First we’ll go over my simple YouTube SEO tips, then I’ll share an infographic on YouTube that will help put its power into perspective.

Like all content online, it begins with KEYWORDS

keyword is the general idea that you are targeting with your content – basically what the content is about.  There are two types of keywords:

  1. Online Business is a keyword
  2. How to create an online business is a longtail keyword

Longtail keywords are much more specific and are much easier to rank higher in search engine results.  There is a ton of competition when ranking for simple keywords.  Long tail keywords are the ‘low hanging fruit’ that is easier to pick!

How do you find longtail keywords?

Method 1 is to use Google Suggest.  When you type in a search at www.google.com, Google automatically provides suggestions:

Google suggest

Method 2 is to use Jaaxy, which is WAY more comprehensive than Google Suggest.  It provides numbers on monthly searches and estimated traffic – and information on whether it will be easy to rank for the longtail keywords or not.

This is just half of the results in a typical search.

Once you have your keyword and longtail keywords, follow my YouTube SEO tips

Important: Before uploading your video, name the video file after your best longtail keyword.  While the file name is not visible after it is uploaded, YouTube gives search preference to videos whose filenames include keywords.

Here’s an overview of your YouTube video’s basic info tab:

YouTube SEO Tips

Let’s go through the basic info step-by-step:

1. The video title is important – include the keyword and a reason to click on and watch the video.  Don’t make the titles too long or they may get cut off.

2. YouTube will only show the first few sentences will appear in search results and ‘above the fold’ on the video page so make them count!  To be safe, limit yourself to 3 lines MAX.  Make sure the first sentence includes the keyword and makes people want to watch the video and include a call to action.  Anything ‘below the fold’ won’t appear unless the viewer chooses to look.

3. You want to have a longer description below the fold.  It should include the main keyword, some longtail keywords and some similar phrases.  Take advantage of longer text and your description at least 200 words.  People may not read it but the keywords are vital to increasing views.

4. I tend to use a ‘signature’ at the bottom of videos with my name, the keyword again (I usually copy/paste the video title) and the video link.  (I’m not sure if the video link does anything but I’ve gotten good results since I developed this method and now I’m too superstitious to stop!)

5. In the tags, enter your name or business name (or both), the keyword, keyword variants, the longtail keywords and the similar phrases.

6. Sometimes YouTube’s suggested tags are good, but you can ignore them – especially when some of them come completely out of left field.

That’s it – my YouTube SEO tips!

Now check out the infographic that drives home why YouTube is so imporant to online businesses today.

YouTube - the 2nd largest search engine

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