It’s easy to get distracted from the big picture as each day progresses.  We might get up in the morning, think about our major goals and what action we’re going to take that day.  But sometimes we lose sight and get distracted by work, parenting and other responsibilities.

I kept thinking I needed an app that reminded me multiple times a day, but more technology isn’t always better.  I considered putting a post it note on the bathroom mirror or the fridge, since I visit each at least a few times a day.  But I’ve done that before, and after awhile, the note seems to blend in and become part of the scenery.

Then I found a better way – a great way that really works.

How to stay focused on your goals – with a password

There are some passwords that we use multiple times a day.  It could be used to log into your computer, log into your email or log into a website.  The point is that there must be one password you enter a few times every day.  Here’s the method:

Change that password to something that will remind you of your goals

Example: If your goal is to make an extra 10 sales this month, your password could be


However that’s fairly simple and wouldn’t pass muster if your password requires a capital letter, number and/or punctuation.  Here are some tricks to make a simple password more secure:

  • Change the number 1 to an exclamation point (!)
  • Change the letter e to the number 3 (3 looks like a backwards capital E)
  • Change the letter s to the number (5 looks like a strange capital S)
  • Add periods or commas between words
  • Capitalize at least one word

So 10moresales becomes the much harder to guess !0.Mor3.Sale5It might look a little weird but it makes sense once you get the hang of it.

When you enter the password, ‘speak’ the goal in your mind

This will become like a mantra – when you enter your password, say a positive sentence that includes the words in the password.  For our example it could be

I will make 10 more sales this month

And when you’re typing in your password, slow down and say each word as you type it in:

I will make 10… More… Sales… this month

Just saying ’10 more sales’ instead of a sentence won’t work because your not affirming much with just a phrase.  There needs to be some action and it has to be decisive – no I wants, tell yourself that it IS going to happen.

When you say something repeatedly, you begin to believe it

That’s the goal – to believe that we can do something, to believe that we WILL do something.  That belief leads to life-changing action.  Remember: if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

Here are some more examples of how you can use this idea:

  • I will be a better parent > be a better parent > B3.aBetter.Par3nt
  • I will be more patient > be more patient > be.Mor3.pat!ent
  • I will make 3 more calls today > 3 more calls > 3,Mor3,Call5
  • I will make eye contact with others > make eye contact > Make.3y3,Contact

The possibilities are endless and I’m sure you can find something that will keep you focused on the change you want to make, all day long.

Did you find this helpful?  Comment now and let me know.

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