free keyword generatorYou probably know that SEO is very important for generating traffic, and that keywords are how a website appears in search results. Like most business owners, you know the basic keywords people use to find your business online.

Would it be even better to have a free keyword generator to do some of the thinking for you?

Let’s talk (again) about Jaaxy as a free keyword generator

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I love Jaaxy.

I use it daily for all of my blogging, to give my posts a better chance of landing on Google’s first page.  I use it to research niche markets that would be smart targets for new online businesses.  And I use it to help clients get a leg up on their competition.

Jaaxy rocks – there’s no two ways about it.

I do two things with Jaaxy: research keywords and generate new ones

Jaaxy shows the monthly searches for a keyword and how much traffic you get if you make it to Google’s first page.  It also shows you how much competition there is.

All of that information together let’s me decide whether a keyword is worth targeting or not.  There’s a sweet spot that I look for, where keywords have solid demand without a lot of competition.

Jaaxy helps me make the right choices when targeting keywords.  Since I started using it, my organic search results have grown steadily and my content appears in search 3x more than before – and it’s still rising.

The best part: Jaaxy helps me come up with keywords I didn’t think of

When you search for a keyword in Jaaxy, it shows you a list of similar keywords (variants on your keywords) and a list of related keywords (which are suggestions along the people also search for lines).

Below is a Jaaxy search for best car for large families.  On the left are related keywords and on the right are the similar keywords.

search engine keyword tool
Click the image to view it at full-size.

Both the left and right columns are new ideas for keywords, generated for you.  You can evaluate them and decide if they are worth targeting with your content.

So how can you use Jaaxy as a free keyword generator?

Jaaxy has a free account that lets you do 30 searches a month.

You can use the form right here to get started, you’ll just need to create a free account to see your search results.  I bet you will realize pretty quickly how powerful Jaaxy is – and how it can help raise your online business to new heights.


What do you use as a free keyword generator? Share it with us in the comments.

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